Our Story

I’m Naresh Seth, a businessman with a passion for baking and cooking. And this is my dedication to the love of my life, my wife Namrata; a self proclaimed chocolate connoisseur, whose love affair with the God of food, is as old as her.

Our Story

As an ode to 25 years of blissful married life; the wife and I went on a holiday to the Czech Republic. On an evening stroll in Prague, my wife spots an adorable little girl, playing around a tree as her parents look over her.

Completely enchanted by the angelic innocence, she walks up to the little girl and bends down to touch her cheeks and compliment her cuteness.
To her surprise, the little one, named Emma, instead of shying away, opens her little palm, introduces her prized possession; a button with a ladybird on it, and cheerfully exclaims,
“Beruska! Beruska!”

“Beruska” in the Czech Language means “Lady Bird”
The tiny creature, that’s known to bring good luck and magic with it!
We like to believe that Emma, gifted us some of that luck and we’d like to further share it with you, in the sweetest way possible.

Presenting ‘Beruska’
We bring you good luck