Pralines & Molded Chocolates

Sometimes nutty and sometimes fruity these treats combine some of the most classic flavour profiles, that will have you in ‘sweet’ delight the minut you bite into them


A deliciously decadent centre made from the choicest of fry fruits, ground into a sinful paste and coated with thick belgian chocolate.


Get a generous and delicious hit of whiskey ganache wrapped in dark chocolate that get your taste buds “high”.
*Caution- they are highly addictive

The world’s favourite coffee liqueur, Baileys, finds its home in a case of thick milk chocolate, creating a explosion of flavours in one mouth.

beruska desserts

A melt-in-the-mouth cappuccino ganache encased white chocolate that will have all coffee lovers charmed under its delicious spell.

beruska desserts

Peppermint flavoured ganache covered in rich dark chocolate; this patty is a pure delight for mint lovers!

beruska desserts

Coconut shavings, sweetened to perfection and coated with thick milk chocolate is a dream realized for coconut lovers.

beruska desserts

A bite of this truffle will have you immediately transported to the famous Californian Orange Orchards. Delicious orange ganache encased in glistening white chocolate, this truffle is ideal for a tangerine lover.

beruska desserts

When life give you ‘lemons’ you make delicious truffles out of them! This utterly delicious truffle marries sweet (chocolate) and sour (lemon), making it the tastiest treat ever.

beruska desserts

The classic toffee banana dessert  gets a makeover in this gorgeous chocolate, in which a creamy banana ganache is encased in a smooth milk chocolate casing.

Get transported to a hammok on the beach front, with a bite of our tropical cocktail! A tangy pineapple crème engulfed in Belgian milk chocolate… purely sensational.

A nutty delight for chocolate lovers! This dark chocolate contains a generous crunch of pistachio, in it’s heart.


The yummy berry is mudled to form the center of this milk chocolate and create a devine sensation on your palate.

A twist on our ‘Orange Blossom’ this beauty, contains a secret crunch in it’s jelly! The only way to know the mystery is to take a bite of this indulgence.

A sinful indulgence. A pure addiction. Proceed with caution; because it will have you hooked. Our gorgeous ‘Neomi’ truffle finds shelter in a hard shell casing of Belgian