Bon Bon


Desserts that go straight to the heart! These chocolate delicacies are the closest things to heaven on Earth.


A charming twist on the classic almond “rock” chocolate; this shard contains beautifully roasted almonds embedded in rich dark chocolate.

Our star attraction and chef’s reccomendation for your daily dose of theos cacao, is this simply gorgeous bite of heaven that showcases a dark chocolate treated with love and rum, that’ll have you swooning after a single bite!

beruska desserts

A funky combination of dryfruits, cookies and crispy rice all rooled together in delicious milk chocolate to create a party in your mouth.


Packing in a punch of flavor and hitting a high note on taste is this dark chocolate, encasing cherries muddled in whiskey creme.


Yummy walnutty delight, this artisnal belgian chocolate highlights the gorgeous pairing of milk chocolate and walnuts.