Q1. When can I expect delivery of my order?
We here at Beruska desserts, want to serve our clients with only the best and thus get to work, the second an order is placed, to make sure that the product reaches you; fresh and delicious. Client’s can expect a pickup order to be ready within 48hours; a delivery order will be dispatched within 48hours of the order being placed and delivered as per the delivery partner’s schedule.


Q2. What is the average shelf life of the products?
Each product’s shelf life varies, however the products taste the best and remain fresh for 15days.


Q3. Do you customize flavors ?
The flavours on the menu are the chef’s speciality, however we’re open to experimenting and would love to customize something special for you.


Q4. Do you customize packaging?
Our chef firmly belives that, ‘you eat with your eyes, first’; ergo we offer a wide variety of packaging, wherein one is most likely to find something perfectly suited for their occasion. If however, you already have something in mind, we’re happy to customize something for you.


Q5. Do you offer discounts on bulk bookings?
Yes, we do; the percentage of which will vary in accordance with the size of the order. (Contact us for further information)